GCPhone PC

GCPhone PC is a complete and innovative business management software, that runs under Windows PC.

The functionality of GCPhone PC are the same as those of GCPhone mobile and can be used with the application mobile or independently.

GCPhone PC is a single-user application, which can transfer data from the PC to the mobile apps (iOS and Android). PC to Mobile or Mobile to PC.

Data transfers between PC and mobile applications are made through a Dropbox module. You must have a Dropbox account to use this module.

The principle is :

Before / after use of GCPhone (PC or mobile), if the data has changed, it is necessary to transfer data from the Dropbox module.

pic1  Transfer your data from your PC or your mobile app.

pic2  View, edit, create your data.

pic3  Create your own queries and Queries with the Reports and Queries module.

pic4  Print your new reports and queries.

Questions & Answers

How much does GCPhone PC costs ?

149,00 €. GCPhone PC is unlimited in time and there is no annual fee.

Can I use GCPhone PC on a Mac ?

GCPhone PC is available for Windows (from the Vista version).
However, you can use it on Mac if you have a Windows emulator for Mac.

What languages are available in GCPhone PC ?

GCPhone PC is available in English, French, Italian and Spanish. However, Reports and Queries module can be used only in English or French.

How to transfer data with GCPhone PC ?

From the Tools/Dropbox menu of GCPhone PC, you can save or restore the data in Dropbox (Cloud). You must have a Dropbox account to use this module.


Quickly view essential information about your business.

Products Table

This window enables you to create or modify the products you sell to your customers. An internal product can be attached to one or more suppliers products.

Invoice example

Print, send by e-mail your invoices, quotes, orders  in pdf format.

Quotes Statistics

These statistics enable you to follow the expected monthly turnover (customers Quotes).

Bill book

This window enables you to consult your payments bill book.

Products Statistics

These statistics enable you to follow your products, by invoiced amounts, quantities, or by type/family of products.


This option enables you to locate the geographical position of your contacts, and to create a route with several  destinations.

Project Statistics

These statistics allows you to analyze your activity, in term of profitability. For that, you can create projects, which gather a set of invoices and assets, expense notes related to the realization of the project, and even various expenditure or profits.

Configuration Wizard

This tool checks the main parameters of GCPhone PC, and indicates to you which parameters can be improved (yellow), or imperatively must be entered (red). Double-click on a parameter to reach directly the window concerned.

Tools menu

The Tools module enables you to carry out treatments of update or cleaning on the database, as well as other features, for example to set the DROPBOX module.