GCPhone is a simple & effective Solution

to manage your business on Smartphone Tablet and PC

Invoicing software for Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Windows

GCPhone PC is a complete and innovative business management software.
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GCPhone includes all essential modules for the proper management of your business. Read more

For a quick start, GCPhone has an setup wizard. You will be up & running in less than 10 minutes.

Our team works constantly on Updates and additional Modules for GCPhone. Stay informed

Main Features of GCPhone

A simple & effective solution


Did you know that GCPhone is available in English, French, Italian and Spanish ?
Other languages will be implemented, according to the needs of our customers (Russian, Dutch, German …).

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Sales assistant

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  • Quotation Management
    Quotes, Orders, Invoices and Supplier Order Management, PDF reports, CSV export (Excel). The logo, terms and conditions, & pagefooter are customizable.
  • Contact Management
    Clients, Suppliers & Others, synchronization with the phone contacts, sending emails/SMS, calls.
  • Product Management
    Inventory Control, Automatic Replenishment, Cost Price calculation.
  • Supplier Management
    Supplier Order follow up, sales quantity.
  • Task Management
    Appointment and Task management, synchronization with your calendar, itinerary to the selected contact.
  • Alert Management
    Pending Invoices, Quotations, customer reminders.
  • Stock Movement History
    Ability to create new types of history.
  • Contact History
    Ability to create new types of history.
  • Business Management
    By project (invoices, expense reports, specific expenses) allowing a cost benefit analysis.
  • Expense reports
    Monitoring of repayments, foreign exchange management, sending Email, ability to attach supporting documents (pictures).
  • Sending Email
    Manage email models.
  • Backup / Restore data
    Reset database, re-indexing, archiving files.
  • Inventory module
    Inventory list edition by employee, find products by barcode and stocked products by GPS.
  • Stock Update
    Automatic when ordering and after inventory, or manually.
  • Statistics
    Turnover, Margin, many graphs, choice of the period to analyze, TOP 10 lists, dynamic graphs.
  • Dropbox Module
    Data transfers between PC and mobile applications are made through a Dropbox module.
  • GPS Module
    Enabling the display of close contacts (from your location or selected starting point), road routes between two points, dynamic selection of contacts to display.