Questions & Answers about GCPhone :

On which device can I use GCPhone ?

Android : GCPhone can be used on Smartphones and Tablets.
iOS : The same version of GCPhone can be used on an iPhone and/or iPad. However, some windows were optimized for iPad.

Which OS version do I need for GCPhone ?

Android : To benefit from all GCPhones’ Features, you need Android 5.0 or superior.
iOS : To benefit from all GCPhones’ Features, the iOS 8.1 version is required. GCPhone will run on an earlier version, but data display risks to be slowed down.

Which languages are available in GCPhone ?

The default language of GCPhone is French, but you can also use the app in English, Italian or Spanish.

How much does GCPhone costs ?

49 €. GCPhone is unlimited in time and has one price, no annual fees.

Do I have to pay an annual fee ?

No ! Unlike many other applications, you’ll only pay once for a user license (unlimited use).

What is GCPhone PC ?

GCPhone PC is a complete and innovative business management software, that runs under Windows PC.

Its features are the same as those of GCPhone mobile, and allows the transfer of data (PC to Mobile or Mobile to PC). GCPhone PC can be used with the mobile Phone application or independently of this one.

How much does GCPhone PC costs ?

149,00 €. GCPhone PC is unlimited in time and there is no annual fee.

Can I use GCPhone PC on my MAC ?

GCPhone PC is available for Windows (from the Vista version).
However, you can use it on Mac if you have a Windows emulator for Mac.

Which languages are available in GCPhone PC ?

GCPhone PC is available in English, French,Italian and Spanish. However, the state-generator can only be used in English or French.

How to transfer data with GCPhone PC ?

From the Tools/Dropbox menu of GCPhone PC, you can save or restore the data in Dropbox (Cloud). You must have a Dropbox account to use this module.

Utilization :

How to change of language in GCPhone ?

By tapping on the flag placed on the application’s homepage or in the Main Options.

Where can I find the saved PDF files, that I have generated ?

The PDF files are not being saved, as they will pre-occupy too much space on your iPhone/iPad. It’s possible to regenerate a PDF file, or to use GCPhone PC to regenerate and save the file on your PC.

I work with Clients and Suppliers using an other currency. Does GCPhone manage this case ?

Yes, of course. GCPhone manages a default currency (the currency used by your company) and an alternative currency for the Clients or Suppliers. If the currency table has been filled in correctly, these alternative amounts will be automatically converted in the right currency during tabulations.

I’ve installed GCPhone on my iPad and on my iPhone. How can I transfer the data ?

You have to use the Dropbox module. On iPad, connect you to your account Dropbox then click the button Save the data. On iPhone connect you to your account Dropbox then click the button Restore the data.

I’ve changed of phone/tablet and reinstalled GCPhone. Do I have to pay for another license ?

No. Simply tap on the <RESTORE> option, on the App Store/Google Play page to automatically recover your purchased license of the previous device.

Solutions :

During the creation of a PDF file, GCPhone freezed. Is this a bug ?

This problem sometimes happens when the memory of the phone/tablet is saturated. Please close and re-open the app to create the PDF.

In the Geolocation module, GCPhone does not find my position. What to do ?

In the settings of your phone/tablet, you will have to allow GCPhone to use the intergated GPS module.

I can’t delete an invoice. What should I do ?

To respect the legislation, GCPhone doesn’t allow you to delete an invoice. You can cancel the invoice (its status becomes <cancelled>, but the invoice is not physically deleted).

I can’t create a Quotation, Order, Invoice, Client. What should I do ?

GCPhone automatically generates a unique identifier for these elements. During a creation, GCPhone verifies if this indentifier is not already in use. In this case the creation will be aborted. You should verify the sequence numbers used for each element and eventually modify to allow their creation.

I’ve got some questions about GCPhone, special requests, can I contact you ?

With great pleasure. Please use the contact form on the side and send us a message. We’ll reply as soon as possible.

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